Studio Dates

Sooo finally we were told that Living the Dream booked the studio for December/January so we can hope for some new stuff soon =)


Take care everyone

Hannah & Sabi 

3.9.07 23:05

New Dates

Hey guys

how's everyone doing?

Well there are finally some news about Living the Dream... They posted two new dates for shows on their official MySpace Page and we thought you might want to know about them:


September 29th 2007  8pm - Salutation in Nottingham, UK

Ocotber 6th 2007  8pm - Sticky Fingers Topfloor in Gothenburg, Sweden


If you thinking about going and if you're making pictures we would appreciate an email with your pictures =)


Hannah & Sabrina 

21.8.07 23:22

New Singer/ Frontman WANTED

Hey guys

first I want to say sorry that we aren't updating this blog so much but right now there are not so many news about Living the Dream so we kinda have to wait a little bit until the new stuff is done.


Anyhow today I read a message that Living the Dream are looking for a new singer/frontman. So here's the message the guys sent out:


Hello everybody,

LIVING THE DREAM is now looking for a lead singer.

Please send us an e-mail via MySpace or where you tell us a little bit about yourself, your musical background and a sample where you show us your skills.

Our new songs will be a lot heavier than before, more into the modern sound of Hardcore Superstar, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Backyard Babies etc.

Dont hesitate to contact us! We need your help NOW!

Living The Dream


Soo we hope everyone is doing great and is enjoying the summer.

Hannah & Sabrina 

10.8.07 20:28


First of all we wanna say SORRY, 'cause we hadn't updated this site for a while. There aren't much news about the Band right now, 'cause they're still waiting to get their final versions of the new songs!

As soon as we get them, we'll put them on the site!

But there is one update to do:
We have a Sistersite now. This site is made by Vanessa and me and it is about HERO IN ACTION, friends of Living the dream!
Would be great if you visit the site, 'cause this boys are as great as LTD!

So, guys,
have a nice & sunny day!

Sabrina & Hannah

15.7.07 11:36

News & Updates

Hey guys
We hope everyone had a great weekend.
Kristian just told us that Living the Dream are going to enter the studio again to record 3 or 4 new songs. So watch out for the new stuff. We will keep you up to date of course.

In addition we have a new fanart and new fans in the fanlisting. 

We also have a new categorie. Now you can download the songs of LTD with permission of Kristian. Go under "MEDIA" and check out their songs! You'll love them!
There are also two songs you can't find on their Myspace site!

Take care
Hannah & Sabrina

17.6.07 19:05


Hey guys!
Hope you all are well

Today there's a new categorie under "Fans". It's called "Fanarts" and if you wanna send us one you made, feel free to check out how you can!

We also welcome our first Affiliate: The Byrnes!
You can find it under "Online" -> "Affiliates"

Have a nice day and of course a nice weekend!
Sabrina & Hannah

15.6.07 14:00


As you maybe already saw, the site gets more complete every day!
Today we added some new fans to the Fanlisting!

Right now we're waiting to get the surveys of the band members, then we put them directly on this page! So have a look every day

Have a nice evening!
Sabrina & Hannah

14.6.07 17:13

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