New Singer/ Frontman WANTED

Hey guys

first I want to say sorry that we aren't updating this blog so much but right now there are not so many news about Living the Dream so we kinda have to wait a little bit until the new stuff is done.


Anyhow today I read a message that Living the Dream are looking for a new singer/frontman. So here's the message the guys sent out:


Hello everybody,

LIVING THE DREAM is now looking for a lead singer.

Please send us an e-mail via MySpace or where you tell us a little bit about yourself, your musical background and a sample where you show us your skills.

Our new songs will be a lot heavier than before, more into the modern sound of Hardcore Superstar, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Backyard Babies etc.

Dont hesitate to contact us! We need your help NOW!

Living The Dream


Soo we hope everyone is doing great and is enjoying the summer.

Hannah & Sabrina 

10.8.07 20:28

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