Living The Dream - like the name already says these guys are living their (and a lot other persons) dream. But they are more than just a band. They are a band which songs with a catchy melody attracts a lot of people. That makes the guys of Living The Dream special because not every musician has the skill to attract more than just a group of people - even most of the people. Listen to their songs and you know what we mean.

Living The Dream, who were found already in 2004, just released their debutsingle "For You" (you're going to find that in our media section) has been a hard way as Living The Dream say themself.

"Struggling with our past members slowed us down a little
bit but when we are now facing greater things to come we realise it has only made us stronger."

Their main goal is, beside writing good songs of course, to please people  who are fans of music and to entertain.

Most importantly they want their music to be eternal and that's why Living The Dream takes music serious because it deserves to been taken seriously.  

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